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  • The success of our graduates is INTESOL Nicaragua’s top priority. That means we’ll be there with you every step of the way, helping you find employment after the course.

    After graduating we’ll help you build your resume or CV and practice mock interviews with you. Within Nicaragua we’ll introduce you to English language school directors and other organizations offering English classes. Over the years we’ve made connections with schools in all the major cities.


    Graduation does not mean that our relationship with you ends there; INTESOL Nicaragua provides comprehensive, lifetime job search guidance to all our students and graduates. Wherever you want to teach in the world, we’ll be here to help you navigate the job markets and find the best job considering your own goals and qualifications.


    Often, the most effective way of looking for work in this industry is done in-country with your feet on the ground. Personally visiting local schools and organisations has often proved to be the most successful way of finding work. We’ll help with this and give you a written reference, along with your TEFL certificate, you’ll quickly find work.

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