• Four Weeks Onsite

    Our most popular course!

    Immerse yourself in the land of lakes and volcanoes

    while gaining real experience teaching in our school


    This intensive course is composed of two focuses: lecture & practice

    • The lectures consist of widely accepted teaching methodologies, techniques to help you in the day-to-day classroom, as well as insights into the English language such as phonology and pronunciation. Both theory sessions and workshops are designed so that you take part in dynamic activities and discussions where you are encouraged to actively participate and learn ‘through doing’. We can guarantee you won’t be bored!


    • During your time here, you will also take part in foreign language classes to give you the opportunity to see things from a students’ perspective, enabling you to identify a number of needs you will need to cater to when teaching your lessons.


    • The majority of the course will focus on the invaluable teaching practices. Each lesson will have a specific topic, either grammar or vocabulary, and be taught to English students ranging from beginner to the intermediate level. Throughout the planning process, your instructor will provide detailed analysis and insight into each aspect of the lesson. This, followed with multiple test-runs, ensures your lesson will be ready to go.


    • After each teaching practice, a critique session is held where both trainees and trainer sit together, exchange constructive feedback and reflect on the different lessons they observed. Through reflection of your classes and other classes you observe, you’ll acquire your own personal style and philosophy for your future teaching career.



    • This is the highest quality TEFL course you can take without going to University. Right from day one you’ll be gaining hands-on experience. It isn’t just a lecture and theory, you’ll be having plenty of dry runs practicing, designing and creating activities with your fellow students. By the time it comes to your first teaching practice you’ll be more than ready to deliver a fun, dynamic and effective lesson. It’s a tough course, packing a lot of information into just 4 weeks, but it’s also one of the most enriching, fun and worthwhile learning experiences you’ll ever have!


    • Employers worldwide prefer that their teachers have this type of certification and without it you may be limited to which jobs you can apply for.


    • Over 4 weeks, you’ll combine theory study and practical experience to become a TESOL certified teacher! You’ll observe our qualified teachers and other students to see how theory is put into practice before developing your own lessons. During the planning stages, your instructor will assist you every step of the way, providing detailed and insightful feedback so you’ll feel fully confident when preforming your lessons. All of our students have remarked that this is the most challenging but most rewarding portion of the course and gave them immense confidence when applying for jobs around the world.
  • If you prefer something a bit less involved then we think the Hybrid Course below will be best suited to you

  • Hybrid Course

    Study at home for part of the course, then come to Nicaragua to finish


    • During the online portion of the course, students will study different theories on various teaching methodologies and topics such as phonetics, student motivation, classroom management and how to teach grammar and vocabulary.


    • As a general guideline, most students complete the course within 2-5 months, however it can be completed in as little as 2 – 4 weeks.


    • For the finale of the program, you will spend two weeks in Nicaragua, committed solely to observation, lesson preparation and completing 6 teaching practices. You will observe experienced English teachers so you can see how the theory is put into practice, as well as other trainees, both of which offer valuable learner experience.


    • You own lessons will be either vocabulary or grammar focused with English students ranging from beginner to the intermediate level. Throughout the planning process, your instructor will provide detailed analysis and insight into each aspect of the lesson and help you build the confidence to successfully teach in front of a class. After each lesson, you will take part in a reflective feedback session, where you and your instructor will discuss your lesson and help you develop your own teaching style.


    • Everyone learns differently and some prefer to study at their own pace from the comfort of their own home. This option is perfect for those students who have a busy schedule and need more flexibility in order to take their TEFL training.


    • Quality schools may consider teaching applicants with solely online certificates as inferior to those who have a certificate that includes actual classroom teaching practice. This course gives you the best of both worlds! Cheaper than the 4 week course but covering all the same material, you’ll also have an invaluable 2 weeks of teaching practice in country.


    • This 140-hour program is designed so that you can study the basic mechanics of ESL teaching, classroom management, and phonetics from your home then travel to Nicaragua to complete 6 individual teaching practices over a two-week period. Before preforming your classes, every lesson will be developed with the help of your on-site instructor. They’ll guide you along every part of the lesson-planning process and give you detailed feedback through reflective sessions following each class.



  • If you want to get the teaching skills under your belt without ever leaving home, then our Teaching Online course has your name on it!

  • Teach Online

    Have the freedom to set your own hours and rates

     whilst exploring the world teaching english


    • Your tutor will be an experienced teacher holding a Masters degree in TESOL. They are a very friendly bunch that want to help you as much as possible and will offer you  support and feedback throughout your course


    • Within 24 hours of enrolling in the CELTO course (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) you will receive login details for the INTESOL Online Campus.
    • The CELTO course consists of ten units. Each unit has course notes, self checks and assignments that you can study at your own pace. Once your final task has been graded by your tutor you will submit your completion form to begin the certification process.
    • There are approximately 50 hours of work in the course. As a general guideline most students complete the course in about 4 weeks, however if you need more time this is not a problem.
    • After completing the course we will introduce you to a number of online recruiters and help you in finding work. Then you’ll be on your way to living out that dream.



    • Online ESL teaching has become one of the world’s fastest growing areas of Internet-based commerce, the number of potential students is climbing exponentially as more and more regions of the world build high-speed internet services.


    • The reputation of online teaching is now world-wide, more potential customers regard remote learning as a valid alternative to traditional classroom work.


    • This explosion in numbers has arrived at a time when learning English has become perhaps one of the most important qualifications on a resume, and for many, an essential step to achieving their professional aims. This course will prepare you for everything you need to be a successful online TEFL English teacher.


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