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  • Where to stay whilst studying TEFL

    You will quickly find yourself settled in Granada and we are happy to help you decide what best fits your needs. Please consider the following options and prices, keeping in mind your stay will be 4 weeks long. We have done all the research and work in finding affordable and safe accommodations. Our options are typically within walking distance of the school (or a short cab ride) and are close to the city center.


    We have longstanding relationships with several Nicaraguan families who offer our students clean, safe, and comfortable accommodation in their homes. You will become part of the family and find yourself sharing every meal together! Selecting a homestay is the most affordable option, where 100% of what you pay goes to your family; it’s one of the great ways we give back to our community.


    For $85-100 per week your home-stay accommodations include:

    • Private single or double room with fan
    • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
    • Shared/private bathroom
    • Linen
    • Wi-Fi
    • Laundry facilities

    A home-stay is a great way to experience the culture, practice your Spanish and create friendships with local Nicaraguan families. This option is best for someone who is flexible, open-minded, and comfortable with differences. When you arrive as a new student in Granada we are there to introduce you and help you settle in as quickly as possible. We are then on-hand during your stay in case of any problems or questions.

  • Casa Carina

    You have the opportunity to stay with your new found friends in the school

    At Casa Carina you will find spacious work areas, comfortable rooms, hammocks, and the serenity of our lush gardens. Our casa is ideal for studious work spaces, collaboration between INTESOL students, and a sense of home. We highly suggest this accommodation for mature and focused students, as there are little distractions while you study. Casa Carina is very close to heart of Granada, where a little walk takes you right to some of our favorite places to eat, do yoga, listen to live music or get a massage!

    For $85 USD a week, Casa Carina provides a healthy breakfast and offers a perfect environment to study and connect with your newly found friends.

    • Private double bedroom with fan
    • Shared bathroom
    • Breakfast
    • Fully equipped shared kitchen
    • Linen
    • Cleaning/maid service
    • Wi-Fi
    • Laundry facilities
  • Feline Flatmates

    If you choose to stay in the Casa Carina there's some permanent residents that'll be your friends in no time

    Nube – the friendly one

    Christopher – the skittish one

    A little anxious he’ll often dart away when visitors call and would rather run underground than face a situation he doesn’t recognise.

  • Whichever accommodation feels right to you, we are more than happy to make your arrangements. We are also available for the duration of your course to ensure that your stay in Granada is enjoyable and that you are comfortable where you are staying. If you have already signed-up for one of our courses, please start deciding which accommodation option you would like and we will begin the process of booking your stay. If you would like private accommodation, we have recommendations upon request.

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