• Intesol Nicaragua

    Through our accredited and internationally recognized course you won't just gain the necessary skills to effectively teach English as a foreign language, you'll also have the experience of a lifetime!

  • The School

    Located in a beautiful open colonial home just a couple of blocks from the famous Granada Cathedral and Calzada Street. It shares it's location with The English House, an English school where students can complete their teaching practices. Students get the chance to form personal relationships with their students and truly develop the experience necessary to be a great teacher.

    • Externally accredited for guaranteed quality
    • Job placement assistance for Nicaragua and beyond
    • Busy language school near many amenities
    • Course provider with 22 years of experience
    • Pre-departure guidance and support
    • Team of experienced TEFL professionals
    • Variety of excursions available
    • Airport pick-up


    • Feel at home in the beautiful city of Granada, Nicaragua’s colonial gem
    • Small groups with supportive and professional staff to assist you every part of the way
    • Gain real classroom experience that will help you stand out of the crowd
    • Develop meaningful and lasting connections with your English students
    • Earn a Level 5 TESOL accreditation the premier TESOL course

    The Program

    INTESOL Nicaragua is a member of INTESOL Worldwide Groups of Accredited Course Providers with accredited Certification in TESOL by ALAP (Awarding Language Acquisition for Professionals). The certification is recognized around the world and we offer a Level 5 course, the highest and most rigorous course available.

  • What's the English House?


    Our TESOL academy partners with The English House. A personalized, non-profit English school that offers affordable English classes to 200 members of the local community. Each class is approximately 10 students, with levels ranging from complete beginner to intermediate. All classes are taught in English and it is with these students, that you will gain your practical teaching experience.


    What happens with my money?

    Your program fee helps maintain the affordability of classes and funds for The English House scholarship program, which provides free English classes to 20 teenagers from Granada and the surrounding communities. While the school only charges $15 a month, this extra expense can be extravagant for some families, many who live on just $2 a day. English is seen as a way out of poverty, making the scholarship program highly competitive. The school also provides free workshops for local teachers and volunteers to improve the overall quality of English education in the area.

  • Our Staff

    The crazy passionate team!

  • Job Opportunities

    Each of our students will receive a lifetime, worldwide job search guidance from our team. This will include targeted resume development, practice interviews and personal introductions to local employers.


    Being in one of the most inexpensive Latin American countries allows us to price our courses competitively. At just $1260 our most popular 4 week course is the best value course in the region ($300 deposit, $960 balance due 30 days before the start date). Accommodation is not included.

    Spanish Knowledge

    Don't worry you don't need to know another language. The methodology we teach is such that after successful completion of the course you will be able to effectively teach English as a foreign language, anywhere in the world.

    Non-Native English Speakers

    Having already gone through the process of learning a foreign language, non-native English speakers often perform very well on the course. Please arrange an interview with one of advisers to start the application process.

    Daily Schedule & Intensity

    Expect to be in class from 9am to 5pm Monday - Friday. In addition to this, students are expected to complete some homework assignments. Weekends are free for relaxation and we help arrange activities and outings.


    Nicaragua is ranked as one of the safest countries in Latin America, even safer than a lot of US cities. It’s also listed as the 5th most peaceful country in all of Latin America, ahead of some very popular tourist destinations such as Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.

  • Testimonials


    Although the course is fairly involved, it’s extremely rewarding. I learnt so much and definitely feel equipped to start teaching. Paul was always there if I needed help and genuinely cared about my success on the course. The school is a great place, very relaxing, with 4 beautiful cats. Paul is a great host and takes us on many exciting day trips to beautiful places. I couldn't of chosen a better place to get my TEFL teaching qualification.



    When I signed up for the 4 week intensive course, I had no idea what to expect. I couldn't have dreamt that it was as rewarding, engaging and life changing as it was. While at times difficult, Paul and the rest of the staff supported me every step of the way and I learned expertise that would not only help me in my teaching career but in whatever future opportunities I embark on. This TEFL course not only provided me with the skills and confidence to teach anywhere in the world but it also gave me a close and inviting community that made me fall in love and decide to ultimately stay in Granada. I've now been here for over a year and still love teaching and my students.



    Completing my tefl certification with INTESOL was challenging, rewarding and enjoyable. There was a good balance between group sessions, discussing teaching methods and actually getting in the classroom to observe great teachers and deliver my own lessons. Paul is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic mentor, and will go out of his way to help everyone succeed on the course. Paul and Cecilia are both really supportive and give useful feedback from lessons, they create a very positive atmosphere in the school and have great rapport with the local students. It was my first experience of teaching abroad and I definitely want to do more in the future.

  • Explore

    Kayaking & Paddle-boarding the Isletas

    365 islands, known as Isletas of Granada are the product of a violent eruption of Mombacho volcano in 1570! The wild nature and the day to day routine, of local families living on the islands, make it an ideal place for a exploring by kayak. Monkeys, birds, bats, iguanas are just but a few of the local wildlife you’ll see. Half way through the trip there’s the opportunity to stop off at an island for what will be a well earned cerveza and plate of tostones and queso!

    Laguna de Apoyo

    Not many people can say they have spent their day floating in vibrant blue waters of a volcanic crater-lake. We spend the day being surrounded by gorgeous views, sipping on mojitos, kayaking, or swimming out to the pontoon. All you will need is a book, sunscreen, and towel to make the most of this awesome spot!

    Night tour of the Masaya Volcano

    Have you ever looked into the mouth of an active volcano? If you are not afraid of looking directly into the vibrant heart of mother nature then Masaya Volcano is for you! Bubbling, glowing, molten lava and and incredible columns of steam rising from the craters!

    So Many Great Beaches!

    San Juan Del Sur, Corn Islands, Popoyo, Playa el Coco, we run trips to the Pacific Coast regularly. A great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and to relax and enjoy some of Nicaragua’s natural beauty. The town of San Juan Del Sur comes to life on a Sunday for an all-day ‘Sunday Funday’ party! There’s no better way to unwind after a week of studying making this a very popular weekend trip. You will have the chance to take surfing lessons, explore the beaches to the north and south and try some of the freshest and best tasting seafood Nicaragua has to offer.

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